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Images from OC Foodie Fest and Judging the “Best in Show” Food Contest

27 Aug

This years Foodie Fest made some amazing gains in improving the overall festival experience and ensuring easy access to the food trucks. There was plenty of water stations, lots of entertainment, and the lines for the food trucks were in control (except for the celebrity trucks). If you saw me there, I was wearing the full body pig costume and served as a judge for the “Best in Show” contest. This contest pitted all the food trucks against each other to determine who had the best dish of the  festival. The dishes were rated on presentation, taste and originality (if you remember the movie Porky’s you might find the humor in this rating scale). When I was handed a scoring sheet, my eyes opened wide when I saw that there was 70 trucks in the competition! The first few dishes were awesome and I ate most of them; although, the dishes kept coming and I couldn’t keep up. Each of the truck owners personally presented their dishes and lovingly explained the ingredients and cooking process. By my 15th dish, I was starting to feel the side effects of overeating. My co-judges were also starting to look a green and gave me that “I wish I didn’t eat too much of the early dishes” look. Although we all took our responsibilities seriously and put our personal pain aside to give each of the food trucks the respect and careful culinary examination their dishes deserved. By the end, we all felt like we went through a gastromic bonding experience.   A couple standouts from the competition includ the Panifiti Truck for a really awesome tri-tip panini, Dogzilla for a creative spicy kilbasa, Bacon Mania for their bacon balls and Sea Birds for their deep fried avacado tacos.  All the trucks did a great job, so many thanks for the food truck owners for the great dishes!


OC Foodie Fest Ticket Winner and Interview with the Founder of OC Foodie Fest

25 Aug

***If you  are ADHD amd can’t wait to see if you won the free tickets, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to read the rest of the blog :)****

I recently had the opportunity to interview the founder and organizer of the “OC Foodie Fest”, James Foxall . Last year’s event received some mixed reviews due to a number of failings in the organization of the event. Although this year, the “OC Foodie Fest” is back like a fighter who has learned from the school of hard knocks. James was passionate in telling me that he has listened to all the feedback and took it to heart. He expressed a desire to improve the attendees experiences,  “our goal was to keep the food truck lines under 20 minutes.” So how do the organizers plan to accomplish this feat?

Improved Formula for keeping the Food Truck Lines Short:

  • Doubling the amount of food vendors, yet retaining the same number of attendees. There will be over 75+ food trucks, 25+ restaurants and food vendors.
  • Adding a bigger entertainment line-up, including bands, mini Angel training camp, food eating contest, cooking contest, car show and don’t forget the bud light girls are hosting a beer pong contest. James noted, “This festival environment will help spread out the crowd instead of jumping from one food truck line to the next and going home.”
  • Adding restaurants and farmer’s market vendors to provide more food options
  • Expanding the Beer Garden to the size of half a football field

Speaking of the Beer Gardens, James indicated that they are really amping up the beer garden by expanding it to the size of half a football field. This year’s beer garden will be sponsored and operated by Aramark and Budweiser, bringing a level of experience and professionalism to it’s operation. The Beer Garden will also feature food service from , Top Class Pizza, SuperMex, Aramark, and even some of the food trucks like Bacon Mania and Tornado Potato. James indicated that he wants to WOW the guests with the beer garden and make it a “festival within a festival.” There will even be a DJ in the Beer Garden. Woot Woot! Fist Pump Jersey Shore Style!

Speaking of keeping cool and hydrated, the biggest complaints I heard last year was the lack of cool shade, seating and water. This year the follow measures have been added to ensure you are comfortable.

  • More umbrella covered tables
  • Added a giant water mister on the giant “A” of Anaheim Stadium to cool off
  • Added a total of 6 drink stations, that will be “sufficiently stocked with enough water to handle the crowd” (I will be monitoring and reporting back on this)

Charity Support

James indicated that they are trying to support the community and use this event to springboard a couple of charities. Some of the charities supported by the OC Foodie Fest include:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank,
  • Feed the Hungry,
  • Hosting an outing for 500 marines to a baseball game.
  • “Evocal” Artist Troop

***Help the Second Harvest Food Bank and yourself.  Bring (5) Cans of food and receive a ticket to a future Angels game. If you go to 99 cent store, it will only cost you $5, cheaper than purchasing a game ticket***

Getting There and Away

If you Drive

  • On site parking is $8 (cheaper than last year) and $5 for off site parking.
  • Use the Orangewood exit for the main entrance, this entrance has the most parking
  • Need an alternative? Take the Douglas Exit

Eco Friendly Alternatives

  • Take the Train! There is a station at Angels Stadium
  • Take your bike! Just follow the Santa Ana River Trail to the stadium


I randomly selected the winner, literally by printing out the page and cutting out the names and picking the winner.

The Winner of the Free Early Entry Tickets to the OC Foodie Fest is Karen Carter! Congratulations! Woot Woot! You have been notified by Facebook Messenger with instructions to claim your free tickets.

 If you didn’t win tickets, I’m sorry gorgeous, but I will be having other contests soon:)   Thanks for playing and I really appreciate you visiting my food blog <3. Please visit again, I will be having more food related giveaways in the near future 🙂 🙂

The OC Foodie Fest August 27th: Free Tickets Contest for My Fans

22 Aug

It’s that time again foodies! The OC Foodie Fest is upon us and the swarm of gourmet food trucks is  about to descend upon the Angel’s stadium parking lot. The OC Foodie Fest is like the Pied Piper attracting foodies from all of Southern California into a day full of gluttonous eating and debauchery. This years Foodie Fest will feature over 150 food vendors, including gourmet food trucks and local restaurants.   I will be at the OC Food Fest live reporting  on Twitter and Facebook. If you are there, look for the guy wearing the pig costume..that will be me! Oink!

 To win a pair of tickets to Foodie Fest, “Like” my page on Facebook and leave a Facebook comment what truck you would like to try at The OC Foodie Fest (hint: I have the trucks listed on this blog post).  I will be randomly picking a lucky winner on Thursday!

My tips for Foodie Fest

  • Bring Cash, not all the trucks may be accepting Credit Cards
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat, it may get warm
  • Expect to pay for parking, it’s life just deal with it
  • There will be some lines at the food trucks, I recommend getting there early
  • Come hungry, but not starving.

I have included an excerpt from their press release, which may answer some of your questions. 

About The OC Foodie Fest

Keeping with its motto, “The Ultimate Foodie Destination,” OC Foodie Fest is back for seconds to showcase the most popular mobile eats and spotlight the newest food trends with stars from The Food Network. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of culinary creations and local specialties while being treated to a full day of fun and entertainment.

Guests can expect quite a mouthful from 100 food vendors including gourmet food Trucks, local restaurants, SoCo Certified Farmers’ Market, and a Budweiser Beer Garden with food and games. There will be no shortage of entertainment for the entire family from a Kids Zone with games, rides and Angels Baseball activities, shopping areas dispersed throughout the event, a Car Show, a VIP Area sponsored by SKYY Spirits with the perfect view of the main stage’s live entertainment and eating competitions. The day will culminate in Yelp’s presentation of the “Best of the Fest Award” with a cash prize and giant trophy.

Link to The OC Foodie Fest:

• Access to 150 gourmet food trucks and restaurants, including several celebrity chefs and food trucks that have been featured on The Food Network!  • Entertainment from Local OC Bands, & DJ Performances • Local Shopping & Art vendors
• Kid’s Entertainment Area • Car Show • Bud Light Beer & Wine Garden
• Angels skill camp • Eating contests & prizes

The Food Trucks and Food Vendors Appearing at The OC Foodie Fest and the list is LONGGGGGG

  • AhnJooLA – Korean Snack Bar
  • BACON MANia – Anything and Everything Bacon Obsessed
  • Bakery Truck – Cream Puffs, Cupcakes and Cookies Oh My!
  • Barbie’s Q – Down Home Blues and BBQ
  • Bool BBQ – Korean BBQ Tacos & Pastels
  • The Burnt Truck – Not Your Average Gourmet Sliders
  • Cheeseball Wagon – World Famous Cheddar Cheeseballs & Sliders
  • Chef Joe Youkhan’s Tasting Spoon – Rustic Italian Street Food
  • Chomp Chomp Nation – More than Singapore! Street Hawker with American Twist!
  • Chunk-n-Chip Cookies – BOO-Yah! Artisan Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Clancy’s Clubhouse – Food, Spirits & Sports!
  • Crepe’n Around – French-inspired Crepes at Street-inspired Prices
  • Da Munch Box – A Comfort Food Mash Up
  • Del’s Lemonade – Frozen Lemonade Fresh from Rhode Island
  • Dippin Dots – The Ice Cream of the Future
  • Dogzilla Hot Dogs – Not your Typical Weiner
  • Dosa Truck – South Indian Street Food with a California Twist
  • Dumpling Station – Mouth-Watering Dumplings
  • Flavor Rush Truck – Rotating Menu Full of Flavor
  • Flippin Pizza – An old-school, ‘I’m from Brooklyn and you’re not’ pizza
  • Flying Pig – Asian & Pacific Rim Flavors with a French Technique
  • Front Porch Pops – A Modern Twist on an Old Favorite
  • Georges Greek Café – The Best Greek Food in LA
  • Global Soul – Soulful Eats Inspired by California
  • Great Balls on Tires – Interesting and Flavorful Balls. Meatballs That Is.
  • Home Skillet Truck – The Modern American Kitchen
  • Kona Ice Beach Cities – Shaved Ice Focused on Kid-Friendly Fun
  • The Lime Truck – California Beach Cuisine
  • Lobsta Truck – Mouth-watering Lobsta Rolls
  • Longboard’s Ice Cream – Delicious Ice Cream Bars
  • Maui Wowi – Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothies
  • Me So Hungry – Seasonal Gourmet Street Food with a Monster Punch!
  • Meet ‘n Potatoes – Giant East Coast Favorite Sandwiches
  • Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice – 120 Flavors of Smooth and Creamy Treats
  • My Kabob Express – Mexi-Terranean Fusion Flair
  • Naan Stop – Homestyle Indian Food with a Street Twist
  • No Tomatoes – Indian-style Street Fare “Desi” Style with (you guessed it) NO Tomatoes
  • OC Food Truck – Variety of the Cuisine of O.C.
  • Oh For Sweets Sake – Cupcakery and Bakery
  • Organic Oasis – Organic Snacks & Smoothies
  • Panfiniti – Fresh Paninis and Beyond
  • Papa Murphy’s – Take ‘N Bake Revolutionary Pizza
  • Pogi Boy Truck – Modern Filipino Cuisine
  • Poutine Truck – Traditional Canadian Comfort Food – French Fries, Cheese & Gravy
  • Ranchan Ramen – Japanese Street Food
  • Refresh Truck – A Splash of Pacific Rim
  • Rolling Sushi Van – Awesome Sushi on an Awesome Van
  • Seabirds Truck – O.C.’s Original Veggie Truck
  • Slammin Sliders – Mini Sliders that are Ridiculously Delicious
  • SlapFish – Classic & Sustainable American Seafood
  • Slice Truck – Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Pizza
  • Spudrunners – Gourmet Fry Truck
  • Suite 106 Cupcakery – Winners of Season 3 Cupcake Wars Battle of the Champs!
  • Super Mex – Best Mexican Food North of the Border
  • Ta Bom Truck – Brazilian Taste on a Truck
  • Tapa Boy – Filipino Food on Filipino Time
  • Temaki Truck – Only the Freshest Sushi Handrolls
  • The Boba Truck – Delicious Boba
  • The FLIP Truck – Really REALLY Good Sliders
  • The Yummy One – Korean & Asian Cuisine
  • Top Class Pizza & Eatery – Family Italian Recipes with Fresh Ingredients
  • My Tornado Potato – The King of Fries on a Stick
  • Twist Burgers – Quality Burgers Twisted with Flavor
  • Uncle Lau’s Island BBQ – A Taste of Hawaii
  • Valentino’s Pizza – Delicious Thin Crust Pizza
  • Vchos Truck – Gourmet Central American Style Tapas
  • Waffles De Liege – So Cal’s First Gourmet Waffle Truck
  • White Rabbit Truck – The Original Filipino Fusion Truck

The OC Food Truck- A Food P*rn Twist to Classic Dishes

19 Aug
**Note: I had to mask the word Food P*rn do to overzlealous Websense monitors- sorry for the redaction**
I have seen a truck floating around the local Food Truck lots with the  name, “The OC Food Truck.”   All I gotta say is that you better have some big fried balls and even bigger burgers to claim you are representing “THE OC” by displaying the name on your truck. So did they have the right stuff? Lets find out.
I noticed that the “The OC Food Truck” has arrived at the Teller Lot, with it’s flashy orange wrap sporting scenes from the OC Fair. I did some background investigation on this truck, via social media and fellow food truck stalkers. The common opinion is that these guys put an irreverent OC Fair Twist on their dishes.  “Hmmmm” I thought, “OC Fair Food Twist?”. After chatting with the dude working the window, he told me that they actually became the official food truck of the fair and were invited to add the word “Fair” to their truck to make it official.
I looked on the side of the truck to read the menu and it contained mostly sandwiches, burgers and fries. Although these dishes may sound pretty standard, don’t be fooled! Their food pictures are tantamount to brandishing pure food p*rn.One of the dishes featured was one of my OC Fair Favorites, Deep Fried Twinkie!  My delicate eyes were not ready for their scandalous creations. These dishes would make Martha Stuart blush from the impurity of the sight, but would still make her secretly aroused by the wanton display of full calorie flavors on otherwise wholesome dishes. Let me provide some examples. They have 4 Angus Bugers varieties, but each is deliciously defiled by a calorie perverted topping. For example, The BBQ Bacon Cheddar Melt contains “Cheddar inside and out, layered with more cheddar, bacon, tempura onion ring , all smothered on an angus patty.” 
The sandwiches range from well-manered to wild. For example, the “Mi Amore” is a Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich with spinach, tomato, avocado and served on a native herb bread. The Mi Amore Sandwich is  their “good girl with the pony tail and white socks sandwich,” appealing and delicious in a wholesome kind of way.  Let’s say that the “Mi Amore” sandwich starts hanging out with the wrong crowd,then you get the “Ex Girlfriend” sandwich, which has grilled chicken, pepper jack, mozzarella, honey mustard and real honey all on a sourdough roll. With this sandwich you feel o.k. introducing it to a couple of naughty add-ons like fried onion rings or dare I say…bacon. Although I did not feel like ordering a well mannered sandwich, I asked the cashier to give me their most obscene dish.  What I got was the “Tempura Burger.”
Tempura Burger
But what happens when the food gets tramped out? That takes us to the Angus burgers. The dish I ordered was the most obscene of the group, called the “Tempura Burger”. The chef takes a lesson from the Orange County Fair and takes a thick cut slice of bacon, smothers it with Tempura Batter and then deep fries the tempura bacon until it comes out puffed and golden brown. The golden brown batter actually encapsulates the bacon and crisps the bacon inside a crispy sarcophagus. Two Strips of this fried bacon are placed on the burger along with spinach, carmalized sweetonion, tomato, purple cabbage and melted mozzarella cheese and then drizzled with their secret “OC Sauce,” all sandwiched between a large sesame buns.   
The first thing I noticed about the burger was that it’s deep-fried bacon was popping out of the bun, like Dirk Diggler on Boogie Nights. When I bit into the main section of the burger, the sesame bun was fluffy and fresh. When I bit down into the burger further, I tasted a combination of sweet/salty/savory/ creamy  from the three proteins (beef, cheese and bacon) and then sweet/acidity from the condiments (OC Secret Sauce, grilled onions and tomatoes).  The ingredients together were surprisingly balanced, considering this burger contained competing big flavors. The 1/4 pound Angus patty was cooked med-well and was juicy in it’s own right. The OC Secret Sauce appeared to be slightly reddish and was most likely a mayo / tomato paste concoction that had a creamy, sweet and tangy flavor. 
My Final Thoughts 

This is the situation! The OC Food Truck guys won an epic fried battle against the venerable Chicken Charlies Fist Pump Jersey Shore Style

The OC food truck provided a delicious hamburger that pushed the limits of decency and flipped the proverbial middle finger at healthy lunch options. After all, if I was looking for something healthy I would have gotten their fresh and light “Tree Hugger” or “Mi Amore,”  both would have less than 400 calories.  I am giving the OC Food truck a 3.75 out of 5, a very good score that could improve over time, as I try more of their dishes. I would recommend trying this truck if you are looking for something gluttonous or even healthy. They have plenty of delicious options that are worth trying, I know that I will be back.  Back to my opening point, do they deserve to name themselves “The OC Food Truck?” I say Yes!,  they have embraced the culture of both OC Fair Food and OC Healthy living options as well. Keep Food Truckin fellas!

The OC Food Truck Website:
The OC Food Truck on Urbanspoon
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Review of Orange Coast Winery- Big Wines and Big Laughs with Nice Guy Named Gus

15 Aug

Our group buying purchases led us on another chase  through Southern California. This time we purchased a two for one wine tasting at a new winery called, the “Orange Coast Winery.”  After wandering around a warehouse district in Newport Beach, we pull open the  back door of a non-descript warehouse to discover one of Orange County’s newest  hidden gems, “The Orange Coast Winery.” 

The winery is owned by Gus DeFalco, who greeted us with a big smile and his Canadian sense of friendliness and cheer.  This winery is a work of love that dates back to his childhood, where he grew up in an Italian neighborhood and made home brew wine with his family. Over the years Gus has been building on this experience and moved from amateur wine maker to a leader in the Orange County wine making scene. Gus is now living the dream and operating a new winery /tasting room that is popping with new customers and positive vibes.

When you walk into the warehouse,  the front set up as a cozy tasting room.  The tasting room is inviting,  so you soon forget that you are in an warehouse and it is not unlike most winery tasting rooms. There is a large tasting bar with room for 15+ people (perhaps more if the crowd gets amorous from drinking too much vino). The tasting room also features merchandise racks with wine related gear, bins of wine available for immediate purchase and a snack table for cleansing the palate.

When we were settled in, Gus showed us the sampling menu (which was 3 columns long) and had Whites, Reds and Reserves. The standard tasting fee is $10, for your choice of 6 wines, according to the website. Gus explained that he personally travels to Northern California and selects all of his grapes directly from the growers. He then takes the extra effort of packing the grapes on ice to ensure they retain their freshness on the way to Orange County. He then carefully hand produces his wines in the old word Italian style and ensures that the natural flavor of the grape is dominant, ensuring you are tasting a true “Merlot” or “cab” and not an over manipulated varietal blend.

Gus indicated that he puts a lot of special thought and extra hard work into each vintage so that you can taste the quality of his wine. I can personally attest to this point, as I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the clean and complex flavors of this wine.  Another key point Gus energetically told me is that all of his wines are ready to drink the day you purchase them, s0 no aging is required. 

Gus’s upbringing in an Italian neighborhood gave him a unique perspective to the importance drinking wine with your meals. He explained that “all of my wines are designed to be food friendly and can stand up to all types of food.” The 2006 Petite Syrah, for example, had a complex and mouth filling flavor of earthy berries and ” a long smooth finish” that I predict will go well with ribs or smoked tri-tip.

The bottles are relatively inexpensive at Orange Coast Winery, $14-22 for a superior wine. I will put my reputation on the line too by saying I find his wines superior to most upscale Temecula wineries,  many wineries in Santa Ynez and dare I say even some of the snobby Napa monoliths. This is a big claim I know, but I do believe Gus’s wine style has clean flavors and remarkable character that separates it from most wineries I have tasted. I even put my money where my mouth is and joined his wine club and dropped South Coast Winery Club. Proof is in the pudding, or in this case proof is in the Cab.

Review of the White Wines

2009 Beach Bubbly Mendocino – This is a sparkling wine with 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir (fermented without the skin), resulting in a cream color sparkler. This sparkling wine has an up front fruit flavor of peach and apples, with a dry finish. This wine is absolutely perfect with cheese, fruit and crackers during a summer evening on the patio.

2007 Beach Blend White – This wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has a slight peachy flavor and a nice mineral finish. This wine would be perfect on a hot day.

2008 Pinot Grigio (Colombia Gorge)– This is Pinot Grigio Wine, with some Viognier mixed in to add a level of creaminess to this aromatic wine.

2007 Chardonnay (Santa Barbara) – Hand harvested grapes and fermented in 25% French Oak. This Chardonnay is buttery, but is balanced and smooth. The wine also has a charred tropical fruit aroma and taste. Based on this description, you would think its a butter bomb, but rather it is refined, elegant and a pleasure to eat. This would be great with shrimp, crab and lobster. This wine is a pampered diva which is made from two different yeasts, uses two malolatic fermentations, meticulously transferred 3 times and rested in a toasted French oak barrel. The hard work and careful pampering is reflected in this wine’s outstanding quality.

2007 Sauvignon Blanc (Mendocino) –  This wine had a nice crisp clean flavor. I found that this wine is similar to the wines you would find in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand, but without the mineral spike at the end of the palate. 

The Red Wines

2007 Beach Blend – This was an interesting wine that contains Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, and Barbera. Each  of these grapes were fermented in their own vessel and combined after fermentation was complete. This wine had very complex flavors, but had smooth and very approachable character. If this wine were a dog, it would be a friendly Golden Retriever that rolls over for you to scratch its belly.

2007 Zinfandel (Sonoma) – This is a very juicy wine which has a mellow, but rich character. The wine has a subtle peppery hint to the palate.  This is a great wine that is a role model to other Zins.

2008 Merlot (Mendocino) – This wine had a mellow, easy to drink quality which is full of flavors including cherry and oak. This wine has a mellow long flavor profile throughout the palate. This wine has subtle hints of tobacco and leather that add to the overall character.

2006 Petite Syrah (Lodi) – This wine had a great Syrah flavor of earth and berries which consumes the palate, but finishes off with a lingering smooth finish.

Reserve Wine

2009- Primitivo  (Amador) – This is an old vines Zinfandel from Italian cuttings.  This was a pleasant wine with mature flavors typical of low yield old vines. The flavors were layers of silky smooth berry and earth.

2007 Zinfandel (Napa) -This is a non-filtered true Zinfandel that has flavors of licorice,  anise and has a little attitude when you drink it. This is a big wine that would pair well with something like an Ox Tail Ragu over fries.

2007 Zinfandel (Amador) – This wine comes from 100+ year vines that yield a small, but flavorful harvest.  You have to try this wine for yourself to truly understand the flavors, but I can describe this wine with the following statements

  1. The way a Zinfandel should be made
  2. Amazing
  3. Iconic

2008 Merlot (Dry Creek, Sonoma) – According to my tasting notes I wrote , “Dry on top of palate and then a swishy liquid feel when you swallow and the nose of the wine was like a  bouquet of flowers”. It’s obvious that I was becoming inebriated as I started poetry to describe this wine. For example, I wrote,  ” This Merlot was like embracing a long lost lover” and “Don’t worry my dear luscious Merlot, we shall meet again over a plate of lasagna.”

2006 Syrah (Amador) – I am sorry to say, I did not take very legible notes on this wine. What I could decipher was a double happy face , an explanation point and a heart. These hieroglyphic notes obviously meant I enjoyed this wine and was probably one of my favorites as I wrote “BUY!!!” next to the description.

My Final Thoughts

This winery was a great find and a hidden gem in the Orange County wine scene. This is obviously a labor of love for the owner Gus DeFalco, who is  fulfilling one of his life’s dreams by making fantastic wines he can share with happy customers. Gus indicated that he is only making enough wines to satisfy the demands of a small wine club and weekend tastings /sales. What will make this winery successful is Gus’s business savvy, experience with wine and his friendly smile that communicates, “Come into my house, drink my wine and be part of the family.” I am giving the Orange Coast Winery a 4.5 out of 5 based on a welcoming environment, remarkable wines and tremendous value.

The tasting room is open only Saturday and Sunday’s from 12-5 PM.  They are pouring all 15 wines that I have described. For $10 you can taste any 6 wines and keep the souvenir winery glass. This is a great deal for anyone who appreciates wine and wants to discover one of Orange County’s newest “best kept secrets.”  I thought all the wines were very reasonably priced and had a good value in comparison to Santa Ynez and Napa Wines. I will be back!

Link to Orange Coast Winery Website:

Orange Coast Winery on Urbanspoon

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