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Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – Rock Fish Balboa and Asparagus Spears- 450 Calories

11 May
Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – Rock Fish Balboa and Asparagus Spears- 450 Calories 

Tonight’s cooking experiment gets its name from the famous fictional Boxer Rocky Balboa,  who famously gets the pulp beat out of him in every movie, but still manages to win each of his matches.  You may be asking your food blogger right now, why would I name a fish dinner after one of the best 80’s movie franchises?  Because it’s a cheap ploy to get you to read my food blog 🙂 Just kidding, in all seriousness I made this fish recipe out of Rock Fish, a white fish commonly found of the shores of New York (close to Philly) and a Blue Cheese for the Sauce. Still don’t get it? Well then, I suggest you rent Rocky 4 where he goes against the Sasquatch Russian named Roko and his hot wife,  Natasha or something like that. In this awesome sequel, Boris beats the crap out of Rocky and leaves the Italian Stallion black and blue.  This recipe features Rock Fish, blue cheese, and Italian Cream Cheese and some asparagus spears.

asparagus cooked on medium low heat

First step is trimming the asparagus base about 1/2 inch and coat lightly with Olive Oil and season with pepper, salt, garlic powder and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Next, warm up the griddle  medium low and then place the asparagus to slowly cook on one side for 8 minutes, until heavily browned.

Next  place the Rock Fish  and lemon juice and Sear Fish on one sidecrushed garlic in a Ziploc bag and let marinate for 5 minutes (much more than that and you will have ceviche…but thats another blog post). Next heat up a

Flip and Season

saute pan on high with olive oil and place the rock fish on the extremely hot pan. As the fish sears, season the flip side with paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Flip the fish after 4-5 minutes and repeat the seasoning process. Let cook on a lower heat for another 8 minutes.


While the fish is cooking make the Blue Cheese sauce. In a hot sauce pan, mix in Italian Cream

Making the Blue Sauce

Cheese (or make your own with your choice if Italian herbs and plain cream cheese). As it melts in the pan, add thin slices or crumbles of fresh blue cheese, and dill. Once the cheeses melt in the pan, mix in lemon juice to taste (3-5 tablespoons) and then the OJ, about 2 tablespoons. The Lemon juice and OJ  matches the fish and reduces the punginess of the blue cheese. If you have a open bottle of Chardonnay open throw a spritz in the pan as well. Dont forget to take a swig for yourself, you earned it beautiful.

Next set up the plate with the asparagus and fish then drizzle with the blue cheese sauce.

Rock Fish Balboa- Arrangement #1


And there you have it, my dish “Rock Fish Balboa”….ADRIANNNNNNNEEE
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