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Tonight’s Cooking Experiment: Tri-Tip and Phyllo Faux Wellington and his Seafood Step-Brother

2 May

Tonight’s cooking experiment dealt with trip tip left overs, a couple random pieces of frozen shrimp / scallops and some late coded phyllo that I had to use before it expired. Last night’s slow cooked tri trip cooked in a Pepsi base was fantastic, so it will taste great in a faux neauvue phyllo Wellington. Since I am working with phyllo I decided to use the seafood looking to join a Brady Bunch style family of Wellingtons.

Last night's left-overs- slow Simmered Tri-Tip in a pepsi base

Tri-Tip Shredded

Mixed Creamy Horse radish, Garlic, stewed onion and a table-spoon of Cream Cheese, Cayenne Pepper

Frozen spinach, freshly grated parmesan, feta, pepper, garlic power. slightly pan toasted.

Defrosted the Phyllo completely and slowly defrosted

Layered Tri-Tip Mixture, then Spinach and then small slices of black truffle cheese

Folded the phyllo over into packets and rubbed down in an egg bath. Placed on a roasting pan.

15 minutes in the oven at 350 degress.....we have Wellington's greek half-brother

Start of the Seafood Faux Wellington. Frozen Shrimp, Scallop, lemon juice, yogurt butter, garlic. Cook down the reduction of fish juices,and the before mentioned ingredients. I also at this point warmed up the imitation lobster (I had to use it up from a previous dish)


Add more Lemon Juice, teaspoon of cream cheese, handful of grated parmesan. Bring to a full boil and then remove from heat...coolAssemble all the seafood on another Phyllo

Pour a light layer of the seafood lemon alfredo on top of the fish.

Cook for 15 min and 350 degrees and BAMMMM! you have the Tri-Tip Faux Wellington's half-cousin. They have the same baby mama

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