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“The Lobster has Landed!”- Review of the Lobsta Truck

15 May

The Lobster has Landed- review of the “Lobsta Truck”

There I was Friday afternoon, sitting in my standard windowless corporate office, doing my standard office work , when I discovered that my phone was buzzing in my pocket! Just like Pavlov’s dog, I started salivating because I had gotten a tweet from one of my fellow foodies that the “Lobsta Truck” was en route with their yummy lobsta rolls. Two minutes later a text arrived…..”The Lobsta has landed”. This text was my queue to send a series of tweets to my followers, “the chair is against the wall,  the Lobsta has landed”. For those of you familiar with the French resistance during WW 2, you might know that this was the code word the French Resistance received to indicate that D-Day was about to begin and to assemble their forces to support the Allies Beach landing. 

 I made my way to the Teller avenue cluster truck meet up spot and already the line was 50 people deep, apparently the foodie mobilization through social media is more effective than one would normally appreciate. In this age of smart phones, social media, social networks the mere mention of a mobile Lobsta Truck, unleashed a flurry of tweets, Facebook

50 people deep at 11:20, 10 minutes before the first order was taken

messages, texts and good old fashion phone calls. What is the result of the “The Lobsta Trucks” keen use of social media? There was already a 50 person line when I arrived at 11:20 and by 11:30, the official start time, there were another 50+ people behind me.  

 The Lobsta Truck is a Los Angeles food truck that swings down to the OC twice a week for a little carpet bagging of the Corporate clustertruck lunch scene. ….and I glad they did 🙂

The menu is very basic, but tasty, a) lobster rolls with mayo or butter dressing b) snow crab roll with mayo or butter dressing, clam chowder c)New England style clam chowder. Based on the conversations I had with fellow foodistas in line, the owner made a trip to Maine and fell in love with the lobster roll shacks littered all over the state. Apparently Seattle has coffee shacks, Portland has hipster shacks, Philly has cheese steak shacks and so Maine has the lobster shack……me personally…I run a love shack, but that’s an entirely different blog.

Now to the food itself, I ordered the lobster roll with mayo dressing. The bread is a fluffy white bread roll, but with lots of butter. The roll was then grilled with more butter until it

Lobsta Roll with Mayo Dressing

has a nice golden brown toast.  The contents of the sandwich was pretty much all Lobster, aside from the mayo dressing. The lobster meat appeared to be all shucked from a lobster (real lobster). The meat came in nice big chunks of lobster, including a very large segment from the claw. The Mayo dressing was a combination of mayo,  bay seasoning, garlic and salt. There appeared to possibly be a few pieces of cabbage and carrot (but not very much).  When I took a very large bite of the Lobster roll, the bread was soft and the toasted roll was slightly crispy on the tounge. The Lobster itself was soft as I bit through it, indicating that it was not overcooked. The taste was sweet and I instantly became giddy as a school girl discovering Justin Beiber was visiting my school.  Needless to say, I ate the entire lobster roll in less than 5 minutes.

The Lobsta Truck is an expensive food truck, $12 for a lobsta roll..BUT having Lobsta delivered to you during lunch…WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY

Worth the $12!

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