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Tonight’s Cooking Experiment: Tri-Tip and Phyllo Faux Wellington and his Seafood Step-Brother

2 May

Tonight’s cooking experiment dealt with trip tip left overs, a couple random pieces of frozen shrimp / scallops and some late coded phyllo that I had to use before it expired. Last night’s slow cooked tri trip cooked in a Pepsi base was fantastic, so it will taste great in a faux neauvue phyllo Wellington. Since I am working with phyllo I decided to use the seafood looking to join a Brady Bunch style family of Wellingtons.

Last night's left-overs- slow Simmered Tri-Tip in a pepsi base

Tri-Tip Shredded

Mixed Creamy Horse radish, Garlic, stewed onion and a table-spoon of Cream Cheese, Cayenne Pepper

Frozen spinach, freshly grated parmesan, feta, pepper, garlic power. slightly pan toasted.

Defrosted the Phyllo completely and slowly defrosted

Layered Tri-Tip Mixture, then Spinach and then small slices of black truffle cheese

Folded the phyllo over into packets and rubbed down in an egg bath. Placed on a roasting pan.

15 minutes in the oven at 350 degress.....we have Wellington's greek half-brother

Start of the Seafood Faux Wellington. Frozen Shrimp, Scallop, lemon juice, yogurt butter, garlic. Cook down the reduction of fish juices,and the before mentioned ingredients. I also at this point warmed up the imitation lobster (I had to use it up from a previous dish)


Add more Lemon Juice, teaspoon of cream cheese, handful of grated parmesan. Bring to a full boil and then remove from heat...coolAssemble all the seafood on another Phyllo

Pour a light layer of the seafood lemon alfredo on top of the fish.

Cook for 15 min and 350 degrees and BAMMMM! you have the Tri-Tip Faux Wellington's half-cousin. They have the same baby mama


Food Truck Review- “Louks To Go” – Taste of Louks, Chef’s Choice Combo

13 Apr

“Louks on to Go” Food Truck Review – The $10 Louks  Combo (gyro, fries and louks!) A little piece of Greece through the portal of a food truck.

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s food truck day at the Teller Food Truck Meetup Spot in Louks TruckIrvine.  There were a lot of food trucks today including a sushi truck!, but hat one will have to wait for another review. I had already been tweeting @loukstogo to come to the Teller Meetup spot, and today he answered to my requests and showed up!

My favorite dish the lamb burger was not being served  today 😦  As a result, I had to branch out to new items.  After scouring theLouks Main Menu menu for a couple of minutes, Kevin Johns (my consultant) and I both decided to try one of the daily deals. What did we find? A Combo plate! I have dubbed it the Louks Combo, it is really called “Any Gyro, Any Fries and Any Louks”. When the Greek

Gyro Options

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Shrimp
  • Sausage
  • Vegetarian

Fries Options

  • Original with sea salt and oregano
  • Feta Fries
  • Tzatziki Fries
  • Feta Fries
  • Spicy Feta Fries
  • Honey Feta Fries

What in the hell is a “Louk ” you maybe asking your foodie blogger and what flavors do they come in?  A (Loukoumades) “LOUK” is a deep fried greek doughnut (similar to a Bignet) and topped with something sticky sweet. The Louks came in these flavors

  • Honey cinnamon
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Peanut Butter Nutella

Kevin’s Chef Surprise Bag Contents and Review:  Gyro = Beef;  Fries = Spicy Feta ; Louk = Strawberry

The Spicy Feta Fries– The fries were of the thinner variety with a pleasant flavor. The spicy feta was more like a thick sauce, “…almost like a casserole due to the thickness and how it holds together like serving a Feta casserole on my fries”. Kevin ate the fries with a fork, “where I come from, you have to eat this type of dish with a fork”.

The Beef Gyro was very full in content, “it was a large portion of gyro meant and filling, the pita was soft and fresh, better than in Michigan. I didn’t recognize it at first”. “The French Fries in the gyro didn’t make or break it for me”. Kevin indicated  he would like Julianed pickled beets or other Med root vege. The meat was good and thinks he had the lamb/beef gyro. The pieces were sliced thick and no burnt.

The Strawberry Louks were excellent…..aside from the topping spilling out of the container, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Kevin at dessert first, and ate it all….he had leftovers of his Gyro and Fries. He told me not to post that 😉

Tom’s Surprise Bag of Contents and Review: Gyro= sausage Gyro Meat; Fries = Fire Feta; Louks= Peanut Butter Nutella

Fire Feta Fries– I pretty much agree with Kevin on his post on the consistency of the fireFire Feta -  Same as Kevin's feta, although I will say that perhaps it was a little too viscus and would have preferred it to be a little more chunky than casserole. The flavor of the topping tasted very good, with a smooth texture and spicy flavor balanced by the feta. The fries were a little thin for me, making the a little more greasy, although overall they were crispy and an excellent flavor I would give it a 3 out of 5 on my scale, meaning I would order it again but I wouldn’t run back to my office telling everyone to try it like I was Paul Revere.  I forgot to get Kevin’s rating.

Sausage Gyro? – It is my guess that my gyro was the sausage gyro, it had a darker color than Kevin’s, but the meat was still in the strips like Kevin’s Gyro Meat.  The content of the Gyro consisted of Pita (decent quality), lettuce, Onions, Tomato, Tzazitki Sauce, and Sausage Gyro Meat and French Fries in the gyro.  The produce was fresh and the Tzazitki was creamy and good flavor, on par with my favorite greek restaurants. The fries were a nice touch in my opinion, as they changed up the consistency of the gyro filling and tied it all together by adding a little “crunchy” to each bite.  My complaint is that the meat for both the beef gyro and the sausage(??) gyro still not sure to be honest) is that the meat came from frozen strips out of a box. I would challenge Louks to one day invest in the Gyro Rotisserie, I would pay more if it were fresh, toasted and carved fresh.  Overall, I really enjoyed the Gyro. It had a great flavor, pleasant mouth feel and perfect balance of flavors and content. Even though the meat was frozen,  it was seasoned nicely and tasted very good.

Peanut Butter Nutella Louks – When I pulled out the container I had no idea was to expect, as I never had a Louk. At first I thought the topping was chocolate, but when I tookNutella Louks a bite I discovered it was a creamy Nutella!  The Louk itself was crispy on the outside, full of air pockets on the inside and gooshy! When placed in the mouth, it was crispy on the tongue, but when you bite down it was creamy goodness! Now mixed with the Nutella…it was a small bite of bliss.


Greek Lamb Burger – The best dish on the menu in my opinion! The bun is a homemade style Brioche Bun that is fluffy yet buttery dense. The Meat is a pure lamb patty that was extremely juicy on the first

Lamb Burger and Tzazitki Fries

 bite. It was topped with honey humus, onions, and grilled onions and red peppers……seriously a perfect combination!  This was a 5 in my opinion, meaning I would eat this whenever I get a chance and would tell my friends and family about it. This dish is restaurant quality

Tzazitki Fries-  These are the same fries that I mentioned before, but drenched in their yummy  creamy Tzazitki.  This is a very  heavy dish,  but a great flavor.  This dish really did need a fork and knife.

Overall an excellent lunch truck.

Today’s Cooking Experiment- Greek Burrito with Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce (500 Calories)

13 Apr


Today’s Cooking Experiment – Greek Burrito with Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce  (500 Calories)



Tonight’s food experiment started with a rock solid piece of chicken breast in the freezer, fresh brick of greek feta, avocado humus, romaine, cilantro, red onions. yogurt butter, blood oranges, whole grain and high fiber tortillas and a stray can of bud light. The goal is to make a dish using these ingredients before they go bad and keep it under 500 calories.  My idea is a greek style burrito and a fancy sauce.

First, defrost the chicken in a pan by using the bud light, until it is 90% cooked. The goal is

Frozen Chicken Breast defrosting and boiling in Bud Light

 to cook the chicken and infuse some flavor into the chicken. The second goal is to create a beer reduction for a sauce. This is the same method used with champagne in fancy restaurants, I hope that this method will also work with a cheapy light beer.


Next I assembled my side ingredients, romaine, cilantro, red onions and feta and chopped these up to little bit sized pieces.

Ingredients all chopped up and chicken fully cooked in beer bath



The next thing to do was work on the sauce. Once I removed the chicken from the boiling beer bath, I cranked up the heat to high for 10 minutes so that the beer /rendered chicken broth mixture was starting to congeal and reduce to less than a quarter cup of liquid. 

Beer and Yogurt Reduction

I reduced the heat to low and added 3 tablespoons of yogurt butter and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. Once this mixture reduced to a thick sauce I turned the heat off and removed from the hot stove.


  Next, I juiced a blood orange into the mixture and mixed thoroughly into the beer reduction sauce.

Beer Reduction Sauce with Blood Orange

The result was a sweet and savory mixture, that was bright in flavor and full of body.




 Now that the Sauce, chicken and fixens were complete, it was time to assemble the  greek burrito

1) Apply avocado Humus to the tortilla



2) Add meat, veges and then slices of Feta Cheese



3) I took a bite and it was good and then dd the Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce



5) Assemble then eat! YUM!!!!

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